Arttime Supplies has a large range of fine arts materials, everything for the novice through to the artist. ARTtime is a stockist of Chroma, Faber Castell, Art Spectrum, Conte, Atelier, Jo Sonja, AM, Rowney, Windsor & Newton and Canson (Arches) papers and canvas, just to name a few. We also a have range of print making materials, the basics are available to get you started. Along with fine art supplies, ARTtime has craft materials, something for nearly every project from clay to wood products covering all bases in between, including beads for all those keen jewellers.


ARTtime has been in business since 1989 in Ipswich’s Top of Town Precinct.

With humble beginnings as part of a framing business it soon became apparent that there was a demand for a more extensive range of artist materials, so ARTtime moved a few doors down to a larger space to slowly grow and expand into art and craft items to compliment the framing business. Within nine years ARTtime was again busting at the seams and re-located just across the road to its current premises, the beautiful historic building known as Goleby House.

ARTtime has been located here since 1998 and there is plenty of room. So much room in fact, that the last five years have seen a lot of shuffling and reorganising workspaces and stock to create a gallery and studio space at the rear of the store called ‘Drawing Point’, which creates a perfect venue for art classes, exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs.

ARTtime is located in Ipswich’s historic ‘top of town’ precinct in Goleby House which was originally the town saddlery. Built and owned by Fredrick Goleby who also became the mayor of Ipswich. This is a beautiful old building with original pressed metal ceilings that will amaze you, just remember to look up!

Goleby’s History at a Glance

1881 - Founded as a Saddlery by Mr Frederick Goleby
1895 - Second floor added
1906 - Mr Goleby became Mayor of Ipswich
1906 - Entrance structure added
1914 - Building remodelled, adding an adjoining shop
1918 - Saddlery housed in basement
1920 - Frederick Goleby’s children inherited the Goleby’s building
1980 - Goleby’s building sold
1980 - Crawfords Furniture
1997 - Saddles Piano Bar
1998 - Arttime Supplies

In the doing a little research about the building there were a few fascinating tit bits and a dumb waiter in the back corner of the store was also uncovered, this a very large dumb waiter and now has been opened up for display and contains a some of the history and a few old photos of the building.

Interesting Facts about Goleby’s

Goleby’s Saddlery Goleby’s craftsmen were well known for the handcrafted saddles, collars and harnesses which were sold all over Australia and England.

The Goleby’s Horse During the time as a Saddlery, the window display featured a full sized dapple grey horse which showcased the saddles and harnesses handcrafted and sold in the store. Note: this is now located at the Cobb and co Museum in Toowoomba

Goleby’s catch phrase

“…if Goleby’s haven’t got it, nobody’s got it!”.

Goleby’s sold a wide range of products including: Sporting & travel goods together with their handcrafted saddlery range.

Goleby’s adjoining shop In 1918 the middle floor was occupied by Langer and Parsons (pastry cooks) and R Hunter (a tailor). A photographer, VP Wicks occupied the top floor of the building.

Building layout

Basement: Saddlery workshop and later also used to manufacture Goleby’s own range of bicycles: “The Moreton” and the “Moreton Star”.

First floor: Saddlery store.

Second story: Rented out for lodge meetings. New leather range during World War II

During the war years (1939 to 1945) a new range of goods was created by Goleby’s craftsmen to cater for the newly arrived American Airmen. Such items included handcrafted and decorated fancy belts, leather cigarette cases and leather shoulder holsters.